Posted in: Shopping Posted on: Jan 27th, 2016

There Are Plenty of Options for Shopping in Boynton Beach!

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One thing people look for when moving into a new area is an adequate number of places to shop. You don't want to find a perfect apartment, only to realize that the nearest grocery store is at least a 30 minute drive away or that the nearest shopping mall is two towns over. Living in Boynton Beach, Florida, you'll have lots of shopping options, from malls to supermarkets. A few towns over, you'll find enough designer boutiques and upscale options to make your wallet want to run and hide.

Malls and Shopping Plazas

The Boynton Beach Mall isn't the biggest shopping mall ever (it's a single story), but it is likely to have exactly what you need. The mall's anchor stores include Sears, JCPenney, Dillards, and Macy's. You'll find the stores you'd expect to see at a mall, such as the Disney Store, Express, and FYE, and there's a food court that offers a variety of fast food options.

An alternative to the shopping mall is the Canyon Town Center. Designed like an open air plaza, the town center is meant to be more than just a place to shop. It also hosts regular events, such as free movie nights and festivals. Stores at the town center include Fit 2 Be Tied, which sells children's shoes, Voga Style, a women's clothing boutique, and Canyon Jewelers. The center is also home to a Walgreen's and a Publix supermarket.

Grocery Shopping in Boynton Beach

Where should you buy your groceries in Boynton Beach? There's the Publix in the Town Center, as well a number of them scattered throughout the town. The supermarket chain is known for its house-made sandwiches and bakery section.

For a large selection of fresh and locally grown produce, you'll want to visit Woolbright Farmers' Market. The market sells vegetables and fruits grown by a local farm. Every purchase is guaranteed, so if you aren't happy with the quality of the produce, you can return it for a full refund. Along with selling farm-grown veggies and fruit, the store also sells food produced in the area, such as local raw honey and bottled salad dressing. You can also get plants for your garden, often a great price. For example, the store sells 3-gallon plants for just $5.

Another store offering locally grown vegetables and fruit is Bedner's Farm Fresh Market. Along with selling a variety of produce in the market, Bedner's also offers U-pick, so you can choose your own berries, peppers, and tomatoes right from the plants.

Upscale Shopping

If you're in the mood for looking at designer clothing and accessories, make the short trip up to Palm Beach to the Esplanade on Worth Avenue. The shopping area is home to a number of designer boutiques, including Gucci, Emilio Pucci, and Tory Burch. As an added bonus, it's right by the beach, so you can go and relax on the sand once you've tired of shopping.