Posted in: University Posted on: Dec 3rd, 2015

The 3 Best Study Spots Near Florida Atlantic University

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Crunch time. That period that occurs every semester (sometimes twice) when you need to hunker down and focus on studying for exams or lock yourself away and type out paper after paper. But, where you go to do it? Your apartment can feel a bit cramped or might be a bit too noisy if you live with roommates. Luckily, when you're living off-campus at Florida Atlantic University, you have lots of study options.

The Library

The library might be one of the best study spots on campus. Open until 2am most nights during the semester, the library has a number of places for individual and group study. There are seven workstations designed for group work on the first and second floor of the Boca Raton library location. Some of the workstations are on a first come, first served basis while others need to be reserved using your Owl ID card.

The library is also great for those times when you need to work alone. There are plenty of tables or carrels on the first and second floor that have plenty of space for spreading out and getting to work. There's also a Dunkin' Donuts near the study area on the first floor, which is great for those times when you need to refuel or just take a break.

The Theater

It might sound strange, but the Living Room Theater can be a great place to study. Most people are there to see a movie, so why not take advantage of all the quiet lounge space it has to offer? There are plenty of comfy chairs in the lobby area, as well as plenty of outlets so you can plug in your laptop. The theater also has a restaurant, which is a great spot for when you need to study and grab a bite to eat at the same time.

Outdoor Studying

Since the college is located in sunny Florida, it only makes sense that some of the best places to study happen to be outside. If you venture over to the nursing building, you can head out to the quiet healing garden, accessible only by going into the building itself. There are wooden benches and rocking seats in the garden that are perfect for sitting on while you dive into a textbook or work of literature. Just keep in mind that plenty of people use the healing garden for meditation, not just for studying. There's an unspoken quiet rule, so be sure to keep it down when you're there. Switch off the phone or leave it somewhere else.

Another great outdoor spot is on top of the College of Engineering building. The rooftop garden features a number of native plants that are watered from condensation collected in a cistern. The garden tends to be quiet, but not as quiet as the Healing garden. It's ideal early in the morning or in the evening, before or after the heat of the day.