Posted in: Kids Posted on: Jun 23rd, 2015

Living in the Palm Beach County School District

The School District of Palm Beach County (also sometimes know as the PBC School District) boasts one of the largest student bodies in the nation—the 11th largest, to be exact. It’s made up of 185 schools, 21,000 employees (including 12,000-plus teachers), and more than 180,000 students. As a result, PBC schools have unique access to contemporary teaching curriculum and extracurricular activities—the combination of which also makes this district the best-performing urban school district in the state.

If you’re thinking about moving into apartments in the Palm Beach County School District, check out our breakdown of a few of its schools and amenities for your youngsters.

Citrus Cove Elementary School

Despite the massive size of the district as a whole, kids will feel comfortable and well tended to at Citrus Cove Elementary School. Teachers focus on helping each individual student flourish, no matter his or her learning style, and incorporate computer-based learning to do so. Taking field trips to the nation’s capital; holding spring concerts; hosting special awards ceremonies—these are all on the agenda at Citrus Cove Elementary School. Best of all, it’s only a three-minute drive from your new apartment (you could even walk if you have 15 minutes to spare).

Congress Middle School

At Congress Middle School, your little ones begin the transition to adolescence. It can be a sensitive time, which is why the teachers at this junior high go to such great lengths to set students at ease. Instructors focus on getting students prepared to follow a career track or college plan by the time they hit high school, and they do so in a wonderfully diverse environment. The backbone of the school is a system called P.A.W.S. (Positive attitude, Active participation, Willingness to work together, Successful we will be) designed to cultivate community and keep pupils accountable to each other and staff. The school offers before and after-school care for busy parents, as well as intramural sports and other extracurricular activities, like the culinary club and the martial arts society. Your tween can hop on the bus to school or you can make the quick six-minute drive yourself.

Boynton Beach Community High School

Boynton Beach Community High School serves as students’ last stop in the PBC school district before they hit college, so it’s perhaps the most important chunk of their academic careers. That’s why this high school offers so many types of advanced academic classes (including AP classes), theater and vocal instruction, and even teaching surrounding the culinary arts and information technology. Community adults can get in on the learning, too, at the nonprofit Adult Education Center, which offers GED and ESOL programs. If your teen is driving, it’ll only take him or her about eight minutes to get to school in the morning, but he or she can always take the bus, too. Baseball, girls’ basketball, and boys’ basketball are all interwoven into the extracurricular curriculum at Boynton Beach Community High School, right along with many other extra activities that keep students active and on the right track.