Posted in: University Posted on: Jul 29th, 2016

Don’t Miss These Upcoming Performances at FAU

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Are you a student in Boynton Beach and looking for some fun things to do at Florida Atlantic University? Look no further than the theater department. This university has one of the most active theaters in the Boynton Beach area; there’s always something showing. And it’s not just musical theater, either. There are lectures, musical performances, plays, and even operas. All you have to do is go over to the university’s theater website and see what’s on the itinerary. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry because the prices for tickets are incredibly reasonable. You can enjoy a professional theater experience for about $20 per ticket. They never go above $50. Here are three upcoming performances at Florida Atlantic University that you’ll definitely love.

Symphony of the Americas

The Symphony of the Americas is part of Summerfest and features some of the best local and international performers. The festival is packed with musicians and soloists playing music from over the last 215 years, all from the Americas. The compositions come from more than 10 countries. Not only will there be fantastic musicians, but there are also famous conductors on the schedule. Expect to see excellent soloists both on the violin and the flute. Tickets range from $20 to $45 and doors open 30 minutes prior to the event, so be on time! You don’t want to miss any of these exemplary performances.

Not in My Town

Not in My Town is the story of the events surrounding the tragic 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard, a gay Wyoming college student who was beaten and left tied to a fence to die. The murder brought national and international attention to the horror of hate crimes and the legislation that was desperately needed to prevent them. This opera may not be family-friendly, but it does convey a poignant and important story that will leave you thinking after leaving the theater. It’s been lauded as the new West Side Story. It has everything that a new opera should have—interesting music, heart-wrenching drama, and a riveting story. The show is put on by Opera Fusion, a nonprofit, artist-driven company of professional South Florida singers. Opera Fusion lies somewhere between grand opera and musical theater. Tickets are only $20.

Omnium Gatherum

Omnium Gatherum was the finalist for the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for drama. The play follows the story of a New York City dinner party that flies out of control when guests of all different backgrounds confront one another over what they believe to be the true cause of 9/11. It’s a tense and exciting collision of opinions that all starts over an argument about the global implications of 9/11. The play is truly a dramatic tour-de-force. The New York Times has called it both a “feisty feast of wicked wit” and a “piping hot satire that sings and stings.” It’s hilarious, disturbing, and thought-provoking all at the same time. The show runs from September 30th until October 9th and tickets will go on sale on August 1st.

These are just three of the diverse performances that are slated to hit the stage at Florida Atlantic University. Stop by the local theater to see what else is coming up in the next year.