Posted in: Arts Posted on: Jun 5th, 2015

Arts and Culture in Boynton Beach

Exploring art and cultural venues of your new home town is a fun way to get a handle on your surroundings. For those who are now living in Boynton Beach, Florida, we’ve built a quick guide to some of the city’s prominent cultural attractions. Read on to learn about arts and entertainment in Boynton Beach, as well as some of the offerings hosted in neighboring cities.

Neighborhood Gallery of Boynton Beach

The Neighborhood Gallery of Boynton Beach is the brainchild of artist Richard Beau Lieu. Nearly three decades ago, this sculptor and single father of two set out to transform an old industrial neighborhood by brightening up the roads and buildings with colorful and unique art. Inevitably, fellow artists and neighbors began to take notice to Lieu’s work, and many began helping him with the process. The former industrial area is now a renowned tourist destination, and Richard Beau Lieu’s gallery sits in the center of it all.

The Neighborhood Gallery of Boynton Beach is almost entirely open air, and all of it is free to enter. Artists of both national and international reputation display their works in the gallery, and many aspiring artists and those who are just starting out can find a welcoming home for their creations here, as well. Each year, the attraction built by Richard Beau Lieu brings in thousands upon thousands of spectators. And because it is all outside, the art gallery even disrupts traffic on an otherwise busy street due to the amount of drivers who slow down to view the works as they pass them in their cars.

Canyon Town Center

Canyon Town Center is another popular cultural landmark in Boynton Beach. An enormous outdoor amphitheater, this film and concert venue hosts a variety of shows all year long. From movies to musical performances, all attractions hosted at Canyon Town Center are free and open to the public. The amphitheater has lawn seating, which allows guests to bring their own chairs or blankets to enjoy the regular entertainment. Pet-lovers will also be happy to know that dogs and other animals are welcome, as long as they remain leashed and well-behaved. A calendar of the venue’s upcoming events can be found on the official Canyon Town Center website.

Outside of Town

While there are certainly plenty of exciting things to do in Boynton Beach, exploring nearby towns is always an option. The Norton Museum of Art, which is located just north of town in West Palm Beach, is the largest art museum in the entire state of Florida. Featuring 19th and 20th Century American, European, and Chinese art, as well as contemporary art and photography, the Norton Museum is a great place to explore for a bit of culture. Another popular option in West Palm Beach is the Raymond K. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. Built in 1992, the center hosts multiple performances of music, dance, opera, and theatre.