Posted in: Health Posted on: Aug 22nd, 2016

A Guide to Where to Get Fit in Boynton Beach

Photo Credit: Public Domain

You might think that the only way to stay in shape is to push through a grueling run or toil away with the free weights, but there are actually many creative alternatives for fitness when you’re living in Boynton Beach, FL. Whether you want to play a game of tennis atop beautifully maintained courts or participate in a cross-training class, you can do so in your new city. Read on to discover the best workout spots in Boynton Beach.

Fitness Center

At first glance, Orange Theory might look like a typical gym, a mere collection of treadmills and free weights. But this is nothing like your run-of-the-mill fitness center. Orange Theory hosts fitness classes during which instructors carefully guide you around the gym, moving between cardio and strength training, in order to make the most of your time. They don’t allow you to phone it in on the treadmill for 30 minutes and call it a day. Instead, you’ll sprint full-steam on the treadmill for a few minutes, then move to the weight room, then power through a grueling rowing session. Orange Theory’s workouts are designed to be quick and effective, so you always make the most of your time at the gym.

Dance Classes

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like to take center stage, and those who would prefer to melt into the background. No wallflowers are allowed at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, where everyone is given the tools to truly shine on the dance floor—even if that’s not necessarily where they’re naturally comfortable. By the time you wrap up a class at Fred Astaire Dance Studio, you’ll have all the tools you need to stride confidently out onto the dance floor and tackle any type of dance. The talented instructors at this studio teach everything from swing to tango, from foxtrot to rumba, so there’s a class to suit every style. What’s more, each dance class torches calories, so they present a fun alternative to the treadmill.

Country Club

Maybe you prefer to stay strong and toned by playing sports, and if that’s the case, Hunter’s Run Country Club probably has everything you need. Members of the country club have access to a wide variety of sporty opportunities. Come to the club to play tennis with friends, or face off on the golf course for some slower-paced exercise. You can even play a game of pickleball at Hunter’s Run. There’s also a more conventional fitness center outfitted with cardio machines and strength-training equipment, so you’re always welcome to go with the tried-and-true approach to exercise, too. Plus, the club has locker rooms, a salon, and dining on-site, so there’s really everything you need for an entire day of treating yourself.

As you can see, there are fitness opportunities of all types right at your fingertips when you’re living in Boynton Beach. Even if you’re not a huge fan of working out at the gym or taking a typical aerobics class, you should have no trouble squeezing in some exercise in your new city.